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-Ojeshkah'Fon, Darkspear Exile- by Traconian
-Ojeshkah'Fon, Darkspear Exile-
Oji~ is my troll warlock whom I have been rpin' as and developing over the past couple months. He's been through quite a fair chunk of shit and changed up a lil. But now I believe I have him settled out on how I like him~ So I give the world, Ojeshkah!

Color this soonish XD


    The air was thick with growing tension and harsh growls from both troll and orc, making the fur down his back bristle with growing unease. Fabric bound tight across his eyes and rope even tighter around still blood stained hands. His back pressed against the wooden cage he has been locked within for the past few blistering days. Heat blistered into his skin, not even the sea’s breeze aided in cooling him down. It was only another blast of harsh heat  that made him hiss and squirm inside the cage. A vain attempt to find a shaded spot, twitching against the stinging as the rocks both burned at his feet and bottom as well as burn into flesh. The snarls around him seemingly to grow louder with his own movements, listening to the harsh footfalls of the bulkier green creatures when they approached. Twitching into the spittle as they snorked and spat, a pair of them jarred him further when the cage was tore open. A brutish hand clenched around his throat, certain that it quite nearly crushed his windpipe. Dragging him out with a ferocity that made his gut churn, listening to the hollars around him as he was brought forth. Hearing both the words of Zandali and the harsher tongue of Orcish around him, cursing him out.

“Bring ‘im heah!” a voice that he was all too familiar with tore across the air, above the rest of the words that were spat out towards him. The new chieftan of the tribe was here to lay punishment for the crimes committed. Gritting his teeth together as the hand around his throat eased enough for another hand to dig into his mane of hair. With a yip was he pulled up higher, feeling each strand pulling against his scalp. Knees and feet scraping against the ground. A sharp hiss piercing his lips, but that would be abruptly silenced as his face was smashed into a pillar of some sort. Bound hands being drug upwards till they were dropped onto the other side of the pole. His feet strained against his own weight, dehydrated and starved did he cave in against the pillar. Hugging onto it with a shuddering breath, ears stiffening up as the sounds around him grew louder. The orcs that had drug him here he now listened to them stepping away, another however approached. Lighter on his feet.

In a blinding light did the fabric come undone from his eyes and pulled away, squinting and growling once. As the glare cleared he was met with another, harsh gold eyes of the chieften. His own in turn glared back, but with far less fire than the other held, “We all give jah enuff warnin’s, Ojeshkah. What jah have done dis time is an evil dat shall nevah beh redeamabahl. Dis dahy, mon...jah soul shall nevah beh returnin’ ‘oo dese lahnds.” Rising up to his feet and stepping away from the bound troll. Raising one fist upwards as both of them now looked out and towards the remaining members of the Darkspear tribe, including numerous Orcs. “Let dis beh ah wahrnin’ for aneh uddahs who beh plannin’ on usin’ such voodoo! Who beh usin’ black magics! We beh apaht of dah Hohde now! Bruddahs ‘oo dah Orcs dat we owe ouwah lives tah! Dere shall beh no moah of dis!” With a sharp movement of his hand did he motion down to the bound troll. Ojeshkah’s lips pulling back against his tusks in a scowl, his own golden eyes staring out towards the crowd.

Was this merely a humiliation? It has thus far felt like it, to hug helplessly against a pole after being cooked in the heat for days, blindfolded. His ears did stiffen up further as he felt the lash of a whip against the dirt, muscles stiffening down his back. Head turning enough to catch the sight of the whip that was clutched in the chief’s hand. It clicked as it was moved, jagged shark teeth were bound down along the one side. Watching it strike against the side once more, watching dirt and rock give out from under the force of the whip itself and the teeth that lined it.  With a shaking puff of breath did he watch it and let his eyes trail up the length of it to the one who wielded the weapon. Watching the twisting of the other troll’s face.
Fingers curled once the other approached, dragging behind him the gnarled weapon as a sick twisting sensation began to rip itself into his gut. Ears dipping back as tension began to rip through his form as he’d listen to the whistle of the whip as it sliced first through the air. Pain would just as quickly rip across his back as the teeth dug themselves through flesh. A howl of that agony ripped past Ojeshkah’s lips, shoving his face into the pillar. Tusks scraping across its surface, a harsher cry erupting past his lips once flesh tore away as the whip was plied back again. Striking at the earth once before it returned to sink its thirsting jaws into his back. Spasming with the next strike as blood and flesh splattered out across the red dirt of Durotar. Another shriek with each strike that drove him to the ground, burning pain stretched across his back and anger dug deeper into his gut and heart. He couldn’t even hear his own screams that pierced the air and silenced any further sounds from beyond the crowd that surrounded them. He heaved out wheezes, drool rolling past his lips and down his tusks. Were those sobs...? He heard himself choking on his breaths as he’d gasp, cheeks wet as pain continued to blaze across his nerves.

His fists clenched even tighter as he panted,  golden eyes narrowing even further as he felt blood rolling down from these lashes. Jerking as another strike of the whip tore more flesh off, listening to the splatter of his own blood as it would sizzle in the blistering heat. He heard himself scream but too felt the bonds around his wrists beginning to loosen as odd green flame began to roll across his fingers and up his arms. Ears stiffening up as he felt his hands come free, before the next strike came down across his back did a blast of felflame dart across his fingers and be flung across the air. Swatting away the tooth bound whip with a wild roar of his own, stumbling and staggering as he tried to rise to his feet. Listening to the roars of the crowd around him as another snarl erupted out of him. Flinching back a step as the whip slashed across the air right before his face. His legs trembled under him as he’d ease out a slower growl, watching as the crowd began to creep in closer.

“Jah no longah be welcome heah, Ojeshkah!” came the snarling voice of the other troll as he’d hold up the bloodied whip. In his other did he unsheathe his glaive, “Leave, befoh ah take jah head off ahn’ trap jah in dere foh dah rest of eterniteh!”

“A-a-ah b....beh hav....v-vin’ no....p-plahnnns-s-s of....r...ret-turnin’!” bleeding where he stood, Ojeshkah’s lips pulling back into a darkening snarl. Shrill hisses slipping past them as he looked out towards the crowd that have come to watch him. His eyes wavering as he glared out towards the wastes beyond here. Ears soon stiffened up towards the sound of several feet rushing from one side, he hadn’t the strength ro react as a blue furred fist smashed into the side of head. Striking him down with a silent cry, tasting dirt and blood. He felt himself being dragged and jerking as burning dust dug into the lashes across his back. More pain that plagued his mind and blurring the images of the events around him. Feeling fists and feet kicking and beating at his form as he was pulled through the crowd. Ropes biting into the flesh of his ankle once they did come to a stop. The final image he catching is the sight of his own raptor being harrassed and pulled around, listening to its own shrieks and snarls. From glazed eyes he looked over the rope on his ankle be connected to a hook.

Jaws gritting as he’d soon listen to the wailing squeal of the beast as this hook was drove into its flesh. His ‘tribe’ releasing it to dash out and away with the exile in tow. Unable to hear his own wails as he was drug out across the bitter dirt and rocks, remembering darkness once his head was smashed into the side of a rock.
-Throne of Gore- by Traconian
-Throne of Gore-
Bit of a vent piece so....meh
Likely shade it....maybe color it eventually, just not right now


“Look at what you’ve become, my love,” hollow words that would echo past the demon’s lips as crimson eyes gazed upon the mass of flesh and teeth before him. Cloaked within the shadows of decay and plague of the dead forest. Maws gnashing and gnawing into fresh guts and drinking up the innocent blood spilled. Strings of saliva and parasite sticking to teeth and gum, rolling over bones and diseased earth. Slithering tongues reaching out for more...and more, like sticky tendrils they latched onto each new morsel, drawing them into the numerous gorging mouths. Fuelling the amalgamation that quivered and gurgled. The parasite that bred deep within the bones, pulsating veins and globulous sacks that clung against its frame. Gaping glazed eyes darting about littered the fleshy beast, as if seeking out a means of refuge again as the souls trapped inside squealed and wailed. Unheard by the ears of mortals yet becoming a gut clenching orchestra of pain against the demon’s ears. A blessing and a curse. Many have fallen to the one he’d come to, to the one he cast new flesh out to as blood rolled off and stained into matted fur. With a tilt of his head did he peer upwards and upon the singular figure that was of any resemblance of one he once knew. Staring upon rolling locks of messy gold, hiding away sapphire and framing around a gaping, toothy grin.

He knew he watched from behind in the way the mass squirmed towards the winged demon, tongues reaching out for his own flesh to devour. Yet never quite reaching, perhaps only offering the lightest of touch but never enough to take hold. Crimson narrowed carefully while a flick of flame soon swirled up over his fingers, the light enough to make the beast burst out with shrill, vibrating screams. Blood and guts alike splurged past the maws that had feasted upon the given flesh, the light from the flame enough to make the monstrosity spasm and cease. Then darkness again as the flame snuffed out with the unfurling of feathered wings. Rushing up through the air and between the twisting branches of plagued trees. Padded feet touching against gooey flesh as the beast began to calm its screeches once the sting of light became nothing more than a brief memory. Gurgling again as it lapped up regurgitated blood and gore as he’d stand atop its frame. Feeling the twisting of its body as the golden hair moved with the turn of the grinning face. The maw he’d landed upon struggled to close and latch the demon in place, yet he’d merely ease back a step. Watching teeth clash together harshly, spilling oozing blood as the grin upon that face twisted into a snarl. Snapping out at the air as inhumane hisses seeped past those lips.

Kill me

A whisper that slithered into the air, one that mad the demon’s own lips then twist into a ghoulish grin. A bitter glare piercing crimson eyes as he stared up towards the hidden sapphire, “I’ve brought you a present, my love.” lifting up his hand as harsh, coiling black magic sparked up. Around his palm did the darkness soon break apart into glimmering gold and gems that glittered even in the darkest of places, “Every ‘king’ needs a crown.” Wings flared out, a couple beats was all it took to bring the demon into the air and soon twist his form around the only humanoid remnant of the other. His other clawed hand clutching against a shoulder as the beast then reared and screeched. Back claws dug down into the other’s back and into the bubbles of puss and plague. Feeling blood and parasite burst over his limb as flames began to heat into the gold rim. Holding himself in place upon the monstrosity as his flames heated the rim. Crimson glaring down upon the ghost of a man that remained as he lashed and struggled with the rest of the beast.

Listening to it howl out into the darkness as pain lanced through it, his nose curling back at the smell of burnt flesh once the crown was set in place. Pressing it into the man’s skull and melding it into place. Shoving down upon the material till it would no longer budge, as bone and flesh melded around its frame with golden locks swirling around it. Only then did he release the beast and wings beat down to fling himself away. Feet coming in contact with a branch, legs giving out as he’d land with a harsh thud. Clawed hands digging down into the rotting bark while his eyes never left the lashing behemoth. Watching disfigured hands clawing at the crown as more screams of agony filled the air, echoing across the land till they in time began to quiet down.

“Sit upon your throne of guts and teeth. You strived to be a king, now you are,” spitting out as his eyes lingered over the shuddering mass. Darkness twisting around his own form to tear apart the anthro disguise and pull his body back into a demon state. Watching momentarily till his slender body kicked off and away. Not without listening to the shrieking pleas that followed.

-Ghoul Hunting- by Traconian
-Ghoul Hunting-
a Sin'dorei hunter out killing some ghouls not far off from the scar ;P
A commission I was procrastinating on for the past week but got finished last night. Payment is in~ so here it goes up onto my gallery!
Er...for the moment no mature content warning but there be guts n blood

background is...screenshots >.> I took in game, it looked good and by the time I had done the hunter's coloring I was just done.

Copyright where due, WoW, bloodelves n the scourge all belong to Blizzard
-Traconian- by Traconian
lil..portrait thing, changed his face a tiny bit ;P

I kinda like having his lil chin scruff the same color as his hair. Adds a bit more contrast to his face.



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~A demon you do not mess with~
banner thing by Traconian





PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers


Lineart: 10$
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~Full Body~

Lineart: 20$
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(Same price for additional characters)


Vary from 20-30$

~Will draw anything you so desire, NSFW/Fetish included~

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